The Logo

Aside from being quarantined due to Covid-19, I was experiencing some difficult times. As I ordered the first items to make my first candle, caterpillars appear in my front yard; I decided to take care of them.

In the process, I was captivated by the metamorphosis of the butterfly. I observed how vulnerable I was like a butterfly, and I began contemplating more of creation and appreciating The Creator.

As I daily encounter with this peculiar insect continued, my physical and spiritual life synchronized in harmony. I realized as a caterpillar, I also can be transformed into a beautiful butterfly even though they’re fragile, but in the end, free after such a painful metamorphosis.

Free in harmony with nature, body, mind and soul. From this insightful experience, I became inspired to call my brand Light of Harmony Candles. I believe that we are all in search, and we all want to be in harmony in life! But we live in a world that speed is a part of our lifestyle. So, why not try to enjoy some harmonious time through the light of a candle as you silence your soul.