About Us

Our Story:

Light of Harmony Candles is a non-toxic, environmental-friendly candles and products crafted by me Soraya Suarez, a stay-at-home mom.

I love to pray with a lighted candle by my side. Due to the pandemic during quarantine, I found myself in a difficult position and I wanted to pray with a candle, but my last candle run-out and I could not get a candle at my local store.

The difficulty of COVID-19 did not prevent me from enjoying prayer in the presence of a lighted candle. Eagerly, I chose to make my own candles at home, purchasing all products online.

While I learned to make candles I tested different ingredients, I discovered how toxic candles can be if not prepared with the right products. Because I love my family and only wants the best for them, I opted to use nontoxic, cruelty-free, and environmental-friendly ingredients.

Before launching the first candles collection and obtaining the recipe the meets my standards, I tested and designed the candles for a whole year and a half at my home with my family.

My mission is to deliver to your doorstep handmade products prepared from the best of ingredients. I am determined to make them from safe materials that contain no lead, zinc, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic dyes. My promise to you is to only bring peace of mind and light of harmony into your home.

I have made sure to give you the same experience that I enjoys when I lights my candles at home. All my products contain harmless ingredients for a safer and healthier experience with fragrant oils that will fill your home with scents that soothe your mind, body, and soul.

In my creative journey to craft these beautiful candles, I ensured they are aesthetically pleasing as they defuse your home with beautiful aromas. They are entirely safe and deliver a long-lasting and great-smelling burn. They provide you with a wholesome and peaceful experience as you enjoy the beautiful designs purposely created with aesthetic pleasure and visual satisfaction.

Candle Ingredients That Ease Your Mind, Body, and Soul.

I craft all my products by hand in my humble abode. I have scented candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, and scented fragrance for the room, linen, and car sprays.

I use soy coconut wax blend that is a natural eco-friendly, and Nontoxic. This wax blend is coconut fragrance free, the perfect harmonized combination of Nature! After many tests, I found that this wax is the best choice for my standards with our Phthalates, Paraben free Fragrances oils, lead and zinc free wicks.

Light of Harmony Candles uses ethically sourced fragrant oils that give our candles the most beautiful scent that fills the room when you burn them. I design non-toxic candles with a wooden wick Eco-friendly, FSC certified and manufactured in the USA. This luxury wooden wick gives off a relaxing and comfortable crackling sound like a warm fireplace on a cold winter evening.

I also have candles in our collection that come with lead & zinc-free double cotton wicks for candle lovers who prefer candles that silently burn as they fill the room with a beautiful fragrance that soothes the mind, body and soul. Our candle collections have a variety of fragrances, including mesmerizing floral scents, earthly scent, spa-like scents, masculine scents, fruity scents, sweet scents, and season scents.

In a hectic and chaotic world, I design our candles to allow you to relax, wind down, and indulge yourself in a harmonious state of mind for your wellness.