Our Products

Light of Harmony Candles is a business that offers a candle collection, wax melts, reed diffusers, room, linen, and car sprays. 

Our products are handcrafted by me, the room, linen, and car sprays are made by my nine-year-old daughter and I, she is the one that came up with the idea of making these fragrance sprays and for this reason we have a partnership with the sprays. We make them together, and she is always under the direction, and supervision of myself. We enjoy creating together!

Our wax is soy and coconut wax blend. It is essential to know that our coconut wax is coconut fragrance-free. The natural concentrated scented oils added to our perfectly crafted wax blend emitted the aromatic fragrances from our candles. 

Our candles are made with non-toxic wax and have a wooden wick that produces a relaxing crackling sound like a fireplace! I create different fragrance line like floral, earthy, spa, masculine, fruity, sweet and season scents. 

In our busy world, we invite you to indulge yourself with this breathtaking product that is not only good for your mind balance but also your health of body and soul.

Moreover, Light of Harmony Candles also provide with double cotton wick Candles with lead & zinc-free. Our wood wicks are eco-friendly, FSC certified and manufactured in the USA. Our oils are high-quality Phthalates & Paraben Free fragrance oils.